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Bremerton Community Theatre is an all-volunteer non-profit live theater that has always depended upon its volunteers; your services are welcomed - and needed! Feel free to stop by the theater box office to fill out a BCT Volunteer Information Sheet, or view and print out the sheet linked at the bottom of this page. You can mail the completed form to the theatre at the address at the bottom of this page, email a scan of completed form to our Volunteer Coordinator at txtbale@hotmail.com. Once you volunteer you can become a BCT Member! BCT is always looking for new members. Membership cost is only $15 a year, and it entitles you to one complimentary ticket to each show (must be used opening weekend) and the right to vote in general elections after 8 hours of volunteer service. It is important to the Board of BCT that we know what our volunteers think. The only thing we ask of you is a few hours a year to give to the betterment of Bremerton Community Theatre. The amount of time we request be spent volunteering at the theater to earn your comp tickets is minimal. If you can spare some time to serve the theatre, here are some of the jobs that need filling. We'd love to have you join us, and if there is something you want to do that is not listed, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at txtbale@hotmail.com.

Hospitality: You will be part of a crew serving the refreshments to the audience during intermission, assisting in collecting tickets, handing out programs, helping the House Manager, and performing other activities when necessary. You may volunteer for a single performance, or a series of dates (we frequently have groups who take certain nights on a regular basis). The job entails setting up coffee, cookies, juice, tea, etc. and cleanup when the intermission is over. The theatre maintains a small kitchen.

House Manager: This is the person who is in charge of the "front of the house" during the performance of any play. Your job is to look after the needs of our patrons, and see that things go smoothly in the audience area. The job entails getting to the theatre approximately 90 minutes before the show starts, and closing up the theatre afterwards. Duties are for a single night, weekends, or on an availability basis--it sometimes takes 12 house managers to serve the performances during the run of one play.

Daytime Box Office: Join our group of reservation specialists who work our daytime shift - 2:00 to 5:00 Thursday and Friday. This is a job for someone who likes to talk to people, answer the telephone, and can generally handle the many questions from our patrons reserving seats for the plays. Become part of the crew who regularly meet our patrons! This can be a fun, challenging job one day a week. If you are interested, we will assign you to assist one of our regular reservationists for a training period. Some computer skills and knowledge of web based ticketing is required.

Showtime Box Office Manager: You are responsible for preparing the box office for the evening's performance. You will also ready the banks for those stations that handle money. The Box Office Manager handles any ticketing problems and sales not handled by the Box Office Window person.  The Box Office Manager sees to the evening cash drop. Some computer skills and knowledge of web based ticketing is required.

Showtime Box Office Window: Handles the sale of tickets to that night's performance as well as completing reserved ticket sales. Some computer skills and training is required.

Ticket Scanner & Will Call Desk: Scans tickets as the patrons arrive and handles the Will Call tickets for the performance.

Ushers: Here's a great "entry level" job in the theatre. We need people to check the incoming tickets, pass out programs, and help with other jobs prior to the start the show. 

Raffle Desk: Handles the sales of raffle tickets.

Bar: We now offer beverages during performances. This position handles the bar sales and end of shift paperwork. This position does require a special state license that BCT would be happy to reimburse you for.

Advertising and Promotions: How would you like to help advertise and promote theatre in Bremerton? If you are one of those who is inspired to write and deliver material that will promote live theatre, this is the position for you! 

Fundraising Committee: We are seeking people willing to do outreach in our community such as assisting in our auctions, wine tasting events, acquiring community and corporate sponsors, or even giving time to our information booth at the Kitsap County Fair. This is going to be really important for BCT within the coming years, so any help you would be interested in giving would be greatly appreciated.

Actors/Actresses: We present at least 4 different plays each year on our Montgomery Auditorium, our Main Stage, plus other entertainment in the Robert B. Stewart Performance Hall, our new black box theater addition. To see what's coming up, please click Auditions. There is also a link to the BCT Online Calendar at the bottom of the HOME page that shows the dates for all Auditions for the entire season.

Backstage/Technical crew: We're always looking for people to work as stagehands moving props, help with the lights and sound, or run the curtains.  If you’re interested in working backstage and are not afraid of the dark this is the job for you. We also need people with electrician and computer skills.

Set Building: BCT has many different productions it puts on every year and each show must have a set or props built.  If you can operate power tools, hand tools, or can paint, this job is perfect for you.

Costumers/Prop Gatherers:  Every BCT production must have costumes and props!  If you can sew, by hand or with a sewing machine, can follow a pattern, or are just in love with sewing then this is the job for you! Or if you like browsing the local thrift stores and yard sales this is the spot for you.

Clean-up Crew:  Are you a neat freak? Or maybe you just enjoy organizing things. If this is true we need you. After every production we need help getting BCT into a clean state by organizing the costume closets and just cleaning up the theater.

Grounds Keepers:  Do you like to garden? If so this may be the perfect job for you. BCT needs to maintain its gardens and grounds and needs your help.

Photography:  BCT needs people to take pictures of every production and all of our special events to be featured on our website.  If you have a camera, and a passion for photography, this is the job for you!

Directors and Designers: We are always on the lookout for new creative talent. If you have experience in live theater we're most interested in hearing from you. If you have a yearning to learn about a particular aspect of live theater many of our seasoned players and creative talent are pleased to teach what they know to an eager student.

Bremerton Community Theatre has been a member of this community since 1944 and our volunteers are what have kept us going for all these years. Thank you all for your past service. We look forward to all of your future assistance.

  View/Print the BCT Volunteer Information Sheet HERE  
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